Emma Anne

Life has become a collection of images, producing confusion between the artificial and the real. Digital imaging allows truth to be made up by whatever people deem important and whatever they choose to subvert. Entertainment, social media, and mass media are now the primary frames of reference through which we filter experience. Digitalization of our era permits subjects to be sensationally and emotionally conveyed without being bound by physical conventions. Throughout my artistic practice, I collect digital images from media headline imagery, social media, and my personal smartphone photos. Subjects which are commonly digitized, I then draw or paint; introducing the subjects into the realm of our resource and energy finite planet. This now offers viewers a new way to experience the emotional weight of popular culture in regards to the limitations of our environment. I am an image-maker, seeking new ways to experience truth and beauty by evaluating our societal relationship with the environment and technology.

The subjects of my artworks are taken from digital images, but the compositions, colors and forms are not. The imagery is not transformed exactly from digital image to painted/ drawn image. My artworks are heavily influenced by my imagination, fauvism, abstract expressionism, as well as, … trash. Old posters, thrown away pieces of paper, used plywood, street signs, and tabletops are all used as “canvases” or “paper” in my most recent two-dimensional artworks. By creating imagery on found objects, I hope to channel a perception-shifting energy; moreover, create a safe experience for people to journey into the unseen and explore the “how” and “why” of what we see. Vision is a commingling of physical and unconscious association. In any of my artworks, regardless of “what” you see in the image, colors, and symbols- down to the structural core and physical existence, my artworks are pieces of trash. Through use of the visual force, I hope to transform perceptions and biases we have, but aren't always consciously or physically aware of. If there is anything I hope people take away from viewing my art, it is a new idea, inspiration, or hope on how one can live in greater harmony with other humans, other species, our planet, our environment, and all of our trash.