• Tender Farms

    Tender Farms
  • "Tender Farms" was in collaboration with artist Paul Belenky. http://www.paulbelenky.com

  • Milk Projection Installation at "Tender Farms", Installation at The Wassaic Project Haunted Mill

  • Full Video & Original Song made while in residence at the Wassaic Project

  • "Egg Machine" at "Tender Farms"

  • Grieving Machine

    Grieving Machine

    Grieving Machine
    Performance piece incorporating live video projection with altered video effects triggered by PIR motion sensors, hard coded light sculptures and live original music.

  • Humanoid III
    Animation projected onto repurposed tablecloth. Masks sewn into tablecloth with LEDs underneath, LEDs controlled by a "color organ"- Color of light triggered by sound.

  • Feeling Machine
    Performance of original music equipped with HUMANOID III and other box lights hard coded from computer.



    Projection onto toy masks. Total Animation length was 3 min.